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Christmas Letters

The children have been writing poems and drawing pictures of the Christmas season which were then hand delivered by the children to local residences. We received many emails in response and would like to share some of them with you. Have a very, merry Christmas!


Thank you for our Christmas poem, it is really lovely.

We will display it in our staff room.

Kind regards

Dartford Road Dental Centre


Thank you so much for my lovely poem Christmas is coming it was a lovely surprise to find in my post box, well done all the children of west hill

Sent from my iPad.


Dear West Hill School,

How lovely to receive one of your wonderful poems through our door. It was such a lovely thought and did indeed bring Christmas Cheer.

The poem was brilliant and was written so well. Please send our thanks to the children.

We would have loved to have known the age of the child and maybe their first name. That would have made it even more special.

Once again, thank you so much.


I would just like to thank you for the lovely Christmas card and poem.  It was a nice surprise to hear from the school at the end of the road!  My poem was about a snow fairy and my card had a lovely red and white Christmas tree on the front. Please pass on my thanks and best wishes for a lovely Christmas to all the children and staff and tell whoever wrote the poem and made the card that I thought it was very, very good and I've put it on the shelf so all my family can see it.


Dear Pupils and staff of West Hill Primary Academy.

I would like to thank everyone who partook in this years Christmas project, the pome was lovely and I very much enjoyed reading it.

It must have been a lot of work to produce and to get the letters delivered, very well done to everyone.

May I wish all the pupils and staff a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Many thanks for sharing this poem with us. We appreciate the thought and effort and we are pleased that the children are being encouraged to perform this simple thing for their local community. It’s what Christmas should be about.

May West Hill Academy continue to instil these values.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.


Dear staff and pupils at west hill

Thank you so much for our poetry post we enjoyed reading it. It was a lovely idea and made us all smile. 

Thank you again Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the pupils and staff 

Good Morning

I have to say, what a lovely surprise to receive a beautiful Hand written poem in the post for Christmas 🎄

It’s a lovely poem , and very well done to all the children involved, what a good idea, and nice to share with the local residents to bring us some Christmas Cheer.

Please thank the children involved, and we wish all the Hard working staff and the children, a very Merry Christmas!

We have the lovely poem on our kitchen wall, for all our family to see when they come to visit.

Thank you very much.



Dear Children,

Thank you very much for my Christmas poem. I had a long day at work yesterday and was feeling tired. I came home to a wonderful Picture and poem that had been posted through my door, this made me smile and made me feel better.  I just wanted to say thank you for cheering me up.

I took the picture into work today and sent a copy to all my friends who also said it made them smile.

Well done children. Merry Christmas to you all. 


Dear Poetry Writers


Thank you for the poem you wrote

It certainly would have had my vote.

At Christmas I love mince pies - home bake

It's always on my cooking list to make.

It was lovely to share poems with neighbourhood

Keep up the poetry writing as it is very good.


Happy Christmas

Dear staff and pupils, thank you all for the Christmas poem. The hand writing and delightful illustrations were very well done. Most of all to receive this jolly poem on a cold winter evening very welcome. I would like to wish you all a merry Christmas and a peaceful and safe 2020.


Many thanks for the delightful Christmas poem. 

It brings back memories of the time we used to skate with the new boots gladly received for Christmas.  😁. 

Our stockings will be hung by the fireplace on Christmas eve and hopefully we've been good all year.  Must remember to write to Father Christmas.  🎅

Good wishes to everyone at West Hill Primary Academy for Christmas and a happy new year.


Dear Children,

Today we received a delightful poem through our door, which was written by one of the children in your school.

The poem was called ’The Lonely Tree’ and it was about a Christmas Tree that desperately wanted a home.

The poem made me smile. Like all good stories it had a happy ending when the little Tree was picked by some children choosing to take it home.

The poem was neatly written and in beautifully straight lines (on plain paper!) The vocabulary used was descriptive and imaginative and the poem rhymed nicely. I was very impressed.

Thank you so much for sharing your poetry with us and for your Christmas wishes. We wish you all a wonderful Christmas and hope that your teachers don’t give you too much homework to do during the Christmas break!


We found a poem from West Hill School when we got back this afternoon. This is a really nice thing to do and it's lovely that poetry is alive and well at the school.

Please pass on our thanks to the children and we wish them (and all the staff) a very Happy Christmas.


What a lovely surprise to come home from a long day at work to find a lovely poem from a pupil at West Hill. 

What a lovely idea and a wonderful thing to do. 

So much effort has been put into both the poem and the drawings surrounding it.  

The handwriting is beautiful, pictures are amazing and the poem is great fun!

It really cheered me up on a cold, wet rainy day.  

Thank you to the pupil that worked so hard to create it.  I will treasure it. 

Merry Xmas to you all. 


No Limits, Only Possibilities