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Accelerated Reader Rewards

Dear and Parents and Carers,


As you are all aware, we have recently implemented Accelerated Reader across the school. This has been warmly received by pupils, staff and parents and the feedback has been positive. We have updated the school library, meaning we have lots of new books for the children to explore and to choose from.


From this year, we are going to link Accelerated Reader to our readathon. Rather than the number of ‘reads’ that a child records, as in previous years, we will be focusing on word counts. When a child finishes a book and takes a quiz, the number of words in the book is added to their overall total. Within school, we are having competitions to see which classes can read the most words each week and we will be keeping a whole school running total.

To reward children for their reading, we will award prizes for the number of words an individual reads. The prizes will be as follows:





50,000 words

250,000 words


250,000 words

500, 000 words

Book token

1, 000, 000 words

1, 000, 000 words


If your child does become part of the ‘millionaires club’ (reads 1,000,000 words), their picture will also be displayed in school.


There are also certificates that children can earn, with set criteria by Accelerated Reader. This may include reading a set number of books or getting 80% or more on a set number of quizzes.


We hope that these incentives will continue to encourage your child to read and to promote reading for pleasure.


Yours sincerely

Miss Brown

English lead