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West Hill Primary Academy

We celebrate the past; we care about the future

School Council


West Hill School Council


What Is School Council?

A school council is group of pupils who are elected to represent the views of all pupils and to improve their school.


What Do We Do?

A school council does a number of things:

  • The school council meets – with a teacher present – to discuss ways to improve our school. These may include discussing the school improvement plan, lessons, school values, school lunches, behaviour or ideas for fundraising events.
  • Members of the school council will be responsible for carrying out the ideas that have been agreed, such as planning events.

Each class elects one school councillor who represents their peers for a year. The children elected to the school council have to take on various roles. They meet regularly with the Assistant Head Teacher responsible for Pupil Voice (Miss Wiltshire) and discuss issues that affect the school.



Our Charities


After voting for different charities and discussing how they help people, School Council have decided to help support:



Events planned this year


Our first fundraising event was on Monday 19th December, we dressed up as anything to do with Christmas.  We dug out our Christmas jumpers and decorate yourselves in tinsel!  Donations went to Save the Children.

Our next event will be ‘Opposites day’ on Friday 27th January.  Come as anything classed as opposite!  This may be a pupil dressed as a teacher or vice versa, a girl dressed as a boy or vice versa, your clothes on back to front, it may be your school uniform in a different colour- be creative!  Donations will go to Water Aid.

The long awaited ‘West Hill’s got Talent’ is back!!!!  Auditions will be week beginning Monday 6th February, so warm up those muscles, get those singing voices in tune, and prepare yourself to show of your best skills!  The show will be in the afternoon on 24th February.  Tokens will cost 10p each, and you can buy a maximum of 20, these will be used to vote for your favourite act!  Winner will be announced on Monday in Assembly.  Donations go to Little Buds for premature babies at Darent Valley!




Our Members

  • Ramisha Chowdhury
  • Alex Lawson
  • Amelia England
  • George Hodder
  • Truong Hoang
  • Freya Purr
  • Rose Moody
  • Charlie Brown
  • Charlie Troke
  • Jude Whelan
  • Niamh Woodward
  • Chloe James


Our Charities


Our first job was to vote on the charities we were going to support for the year, we wanted one local, one national and one international so we could support a range of people.  After consulting our classes we decided on:

  1. Delmelza House
  2. Clic Sargant
  3. Save the Children


Our first Charity event was Christmas Jumper day.  Lots of teachers and children wore their Christmas Jumpers to School on National Christmas Jumper Day on December 18TH 2015.  All the money raised went to Save the Children.  We raised £247.30.


Our second Charity event was on the 20th January 2016-‘Go Dotty for Demelza’. A representative came into to speak in assembly to tell all the children about Demelza’s work.  All the children in school wore dotty clothes and purchased Demelza wristbands, we raised a whopping £335!


Our third event was for Clic Sargant.  A representative came in to speak to us on 27th January and told us how Clic Sargant helps children and their families.  On the 29th February 2016 we held a cake sale.  It was extremely successful and we raised £500.19! WOW!

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Visit to Parliament


On Monday 18th April we went to visit the Houses of Parliament to learn about what happens there and get ideas for our own school council!  We had a tour round and saw such amazing sights.  We saw the House of Commons and the House of Lords and learnt how laws in our country are passed.  We saw the Queen’s robing room where she gets ready when she visits there.  We even saw a gold throne which is worth £22 million!  It was such an interesting day.  Ms Wiltshire has decided she would like to be an MP too!  After our tour we had a chance to ask our local MP (Gareth Johnson) lots of questions.  We grilled him on many issues including, why our school is a polling station, the lack of primary school places in Dartford, lack of doctors, too many new houses, Fairfield pool,  immigration, the NHS, events in Dartford and many other topics. We definitely got our voice heard!  Here is a photo of us below.



School Rules


We wanted to update our school rules, the council said it was important to word the rules in a positive way and decided on the following ideas –


General Behaviour

Show kindness and respect to others

Always listen

Use appropriate language

Follow the Traffic Light system



Walk quietly and sensibly around the school

Show respect to everyone and everything in school

Follow the task set in the ‘Always’ assembly



Wear your uniform with pride



Try your best to attend school every day and be on time


Walk around our school with pride!


Other Ideas


We would really love to get some new big playground equipment that the whole school can use.  We met with a representative from PlayDale who explained how much this would cost.  It would cost about £10,000 for what we would like to have.  We will speak to our PTA to see if we can raise even more money!