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Year 6: Ennis-Hill Class

Welcome to Ennis-Hill Class


Teachers: Miss Chisholm, Mrs Broadbridge


Welcome to Ennis-Hill Class’ web page!


On this page I will try to update you on all the fantastic things we are doing throughout the year. Although it will be a tough year as year 6 transition to secondary school, Mrs Broadbridge and myself are incredibly excited for all the fun and learning that we have coming up. We have lots of brilliant things to look forward to such as the astrodome visit, Harvest tea, the year 6 production and so much more!


Parents of Ennis-Hill class, please feel free to arrange a time to speak to me about anything you may want to know or would like support with. I am always with the class at the end of the day!


We have had a fantastic start to the term full of learning and fun activities which I hope to continue throughout this year.


Miss Chisholm


Stargazers Engage Week


Modelling the Solar System

On Monday 12th September, Ennis-hill and Simmonds class used the distances between the sun and planets to create a scale model of our solar system. Before we went outside, we estimated how far away each planet will be using toilet paper squares! Then we went outside and in groups of roughly ten, we worked as a team to measure out the solar system. Both classes had problems with the wind distracting them from their counting and found having to be so gentle with the tissue a challenge! In the end, Simmonds Class managed to create a complete model that we all looked at together.



The Astrodome

On Wednesday 14th we had a visit from an Astrodome! Ennis-hill and Simmonds class went in together, not knowing what to expect. The Astrodome was similar to an inflatable igloo which both classes could sit inside. Once inside, the instructor (Peter) spoke to us all about how the earth, sun and moon move. As the inside of the dome got darker, Peter took us on a journey into outer space. We were sitting in a space shuttle ready for lift off! Once we were in space, the darkness of the dome was lit up by stars. Peter spoke to us about the history of the solar system; we learnt about the planets, stars and he showed us some amazing views from space.



No Limits, Only Possibilities