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Year 3: Einstein Class

Welcome to Einstein Class


Teachers: Miss Berry, Mrs Honour


Our class is named after the famous scientist Albert Einstein. He developed theories that challenged the way scientists thought about the nature of matter and the universe. Einstein became world famous when his theory of general relativity was shown to be true in 1919. He also came up with the famous equation E = mc².




PE: Monday afternoons

Term 1: Outside                    Term 2: Inside                    Term 3: Inside


Term 4: Inside                    Term 5: Outside                    Term 6: Inside


PE Kit:

Plain white t-shirt, or a plain coloured t-shirt in the colour of your house (George = redAndrew = blueDavid = yellowPatrick = green), shorts, tracksuit bottoms, plimsolls


Please make sure all your PE kit is clearly named.



Each week your child will have the following homework:


  • 5 spellings to learn for a test the next Friday
  • 5 spellings from the Year 3 National Curriculum List to practice (your child will not be tested on these words)
  • A times table multiplication or division facts to learn (this will be set through MyMaths with a game to use for practice)
  • Maths homework based on the work covered in Maths that week (most weeks this will be set on MyMaths)
  • Topic Homework is sent out at the beginning of each term: choose 3 pieces to complete within the term and at least 1 needs to be a written task



Explanation Texts


Today (31.1.17) we had a letter delivered to our classroom. It was from Wallace who needed our help. His inventions had all been stolen so he needed our help to think of new inventions and write explanation texts about them so he could still enter the upcoming invention show. 

Wallace & Gromit - Cracking Contraptions - The Turbo Diner

(This is the clip we watched to introduce Wallace and his Cracking Contraptions) 


In English today we looked at different examples of explanation texts and looked at the different features. 

Road Safety Talk


Recently we have had a Road Safety Talk. We learnt about the importance of looking and listening carefully when crossing the road and we discussed how we need to make sure we avoid distractions such as mobile phones and listening to music through headphones when we should be focusing on crossing roads safely. We also discussed the importance of always wearing our seatbelt and learnt about the time Teddy didn’t wear his seatbelt. 



STOMP Workshop


We were incredibly lucky to have some members of the cast of the West End show STOMP come and visit us for a workshop. As well as showing off some of their amazing moves, we also got the chance to experiment with different sounds and beats and create our own rhythms. 


Right Angles and Shapes


This week (wc 5.12.16) we have been learning about lines and right angles. Firstly we learnt about horizontal, vertical, parallel and perpendicular lines. Below you can see examples of parallel and perpendicular lines and how we described them. 



Later on in the week we moved on to learning about what a right angle is and where we can find them. We found a range of right angles all around the classroom and outside on the playground. To help us find right angles we made right angles finders. 


How to make a right angle finder: 

  1. First get a circle. 
  2. Then fold it in half. 
  3. Then fold it in half again (so the original circle is in quarters). 
  4. Use it to measure angles to see if they are a right angle, or smaller or larger than a right angle.  

Finding Right, Acute, and Obtuse Angles: Grade 4 Module 4 Lesson 2

(at the start of this video it shows you how to make a right angle finder) 



We then looked at different shapes and discussed whether there are right angles in various shapes. We found right angles in squares, rectangles and square based pyramids. 



Friendship Day


On Wednesday 16th November, it was Friendship Day. Einstein Class had their cinema trip to Bluewater in the morning to go and see Kung Fu Panda 3. We all loved the trip and really enjoyed watching the film.



When we arrived back at school in the afternoon we discussed how to be a good friend and ways we can build good relationships with others. We made posters about friendship on the computers.



Then we talked about the qualities of a good friend and made friendship flowers.



3D Shapes


Recently in Maths we have been learning all about 3D shapes. We identified 3D shapes in buildings and then described their properties using the mathematical vocabulary: face, edge and vertex.



We made 3D shapes by cutting out the nets, folding along the edges and then gluing them together to form different 3D shapes such as cubes, cuboids and pyramids.


The following day we designed our own nets before making them into 3D shapes. We then annotated photos of them with lists of their properties.


Find out more:


Below are a series of class newsletter downloads outlining what we have been doing in class. To view a newsletter, please click on the links below. All downloadable material is offered in .pdf format.


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