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Year 1/2: Dahl Class

Welcome to Dahl Class


Teachers: Miss Glover (AHT), Mrs Springett


Welcome to Dahl’s class page. Our class is named after the fantastic and famous author Roald Dahl.  He has written many books that have brought joy, excitement and… a little bit of magic to many children over the years.  His books have sold more than 250 million copies worldwide and some of these have been made into amazing films and television programmes.

We are certainly proud to be named after Roald Dahl!




Moon Zoom




Term 3’s theme is Moon Zoom. Perfect for those cold, dark winter evenings when we can see the moon while getting ready for bed. At school, this is what we will be learning over the next term.


Art & Design – Drawing


Computing – Animation


D&T – Food


English – Poetry, Stories, Non-fiction


Geography – Map skills


History – Significant people – Astronauts, Changes within living memory


Music – Performing music to the theme of travel


PE – Gymnastics


PSHCE – Living in the wider world


Science – Properties of everyday materials, Working scientifically 


Engage Day


On the first day of term, we had our engage day. We set up our own NASA research facility and found out lots of things about space.  First we had help from the Astrodome that took us across the Solar System.  Then we worked independently and in teams to research and create things to share.  We performed puppet shows, made rockets, created art work, designed an astronaut space and more.  What a creative bunch we are!



Internet Research


Dahl Class discussed using the Internet safely to research space and then learned how to use a search engine to find out information. We decided to use key words to find information that was relevant so practised by using a dictionary. We were fantastic at using a dictionary.  We worked in pairs to listen to the sounds in a word, use our knowledge of the alphabet and use our reading skills to find out what different words mean.  Then we used the words that we had found within a search engine.  We found out some fantastic facts!



Magnificent Maths


Here is some of the Magnificent Maths that we have been learning this term.


Week 1:

Reading and writing numbers in words and numerals.



We had to match the numeral to the word. We were so good at it that we then tried to write our own.  We even used our knowledge of number words to write the rhyme ‘Five little men in a flying saucer.’


You can have a go here.  


Week 2:

We used our knowledge of place value to order and sequence numbers.


See whether you can order numbers by playing this game.


Week 3 & 4:

This fortnight we looked at adding and subtracting.  We had to use our knowledge of addition and subtraction to find the missing number in a number sentence.  Have a go here.



Week 5 & 6:

We recapped our learning on length and then began to look at weight.  We can now compare, describe and measure the weight of different objects.





Five Little Men in a Flying Saucer


We learnt the rhyme ‘Five Little Men in a Flying Saucer’ and used actions and story maps to help us remember it.


Once we had learnt it, we went on to create our own version. Year 1 had to change the things (nouns) in the rhyme and Year 2 added interesting vocabulary (adjectives, verbs and adverbs) to their rhyme. Here are some of our own versions.



Starry Night


This term we looked at the painting, Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh.  We experimented with different shapes and lines, learned how to sketch and created our own version of the painting by drawing it.



 Christmas Fun


This year Key Stage One performed ‘A Miracle in Town.’  It was so much fun and we put on a great show!  A huge thanks to parents for providing children with costumes.  The children looked great!




Splendid Skies



Our Term 2 theme is ‘Splendid Skies.’ Here is what we will be covering this term.


Art & Design – Paintings and colour mixing.


Computing – Programming.


English – Recounts, poetry and postcards and letters.


Geography – Extreme weather and comparing weather in the UK to the weather in another country.


Music – Weather.


PE – Dance.


Science – Seasonal change.


RE – Christianity and the Christmas story.


PSHE – Relationships.


Weather Walk


To get us started with our ‘Splendid Skies’ theme, we really did see some splendid skies!  It was a glorious Autumn day and we got to go to the park.  While we were there, we looked at the different signs of Autumn during our nature hunt, looked at and named some of the clouds (which we could pronounce better than Miss Glover) and used our senses to describe what Autumn is like.



When we got back to school, we had received a letter from Mr Weatherman asking us to record the weather for his research.  We used a weather station to find out how to read the temperature, measure rainfall and measure wind speed and the direction of the wind. We even learned the word humidity.


Spellings and Grammar


We have been learning about verbs and how they change when we talk in the past and present. Here are some games that you could play online.

Weather Watch


We have been learning about weather in the UK.  We have found out about yearly weather and that we have seasons called Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.


“In the Summer, I feel happy and I am roasting hot.  I feel like I want an ice cream” – Eva




 “In the Autumn, the leaves come off the trees” – Suhana


We have also been collecting information about the daily weather at our weather station. Did you know that on Thursday 3rd November it was 13 degrees centigrade and a week later, it was only 5 degrees centigrade? Can you work out how much colder it was?


Weather Poetry


This term we have been learning to write poems along with learning about the weather.  We were really interested and excited about tornadoes so we wrote poems about them.


We learned to use:



Descriptive language



Here are some of our poems.  You can read the complete copy of  ‘Tornadoes – Poems by Dahl Class” in our classroom’s book corner.

The Snowman


At the end of term, we read ‘The Snowman’ by Raymond Briggs.  We drew story maps, watched the film, acted the story out and wrote the story.  Then we had lots of fun planning and writing our own versions of ‘The Snowman.’  In our stories, we built snow angels, snow dogs, snow daleks and snow robots.  Come in and take a look at our fantastic writing in school!




This term’s theme is called Bounce.  After the Summer’s Rio Olympics,

we will be learning all about sport, exercise and how things move.


Here is a glimpse of what we will be learning in each area.


Art & Design – Sculpture


Computing – Logging on


D&T – Materials and Mechanisms


English – Recounts, Information Books, Instructions and Narratives


History – Significant Individuals; Sporting Heroes


Music – Chants and Rhymes


PE – Throwing and Catching


Science – Everyday materials, Forces, The importance of Exercise


     Bounce Day

 We started off our Bounce theme with an amazing Bounce Day.  We had a fantastic day of fun!



We wrote captions, poems and recounts about our fabulous day.




In the first week of term, we looked at how bubbles are made. They don’t bounce well but we did make some mess, had fun and worked with others to make some fantastic bubbles.



The Way Animals Move


We then found out what animals bounce… and leap and run and charge and jump. We worked together to sort them into different groups.



Ball Games


On European Day of Languages, we learned about Germany. We found out where it was, what people eat and some of the important places in the country.  We also found out how important handball was to the country so we gave it a go!  We were amazing – following rules, learning new skills and showing team spirit.





Spherical Art


After looking at lots of spherical objects, we designed and created spheres for a class installation. Here we are creating them and showing off our finished spheres. Come in and see the finished art installation in our classroom!

Keeping Fit


As part of our topic, we created a company called Dahl Health.  As the company, we created healthy eating plans, tested materials for our sport clothing and created an exercise video.  Look at our fantastic moves!

Dahl Exercise Video

Still image for this video

Spellings and Grammar

We have been learning lots about the English language. Here are a few things we have learned with a website that might help your learning.








MyMaths homework has now begun. Go online at or download the Puffin Academy application for your tablet.






Roald Dahl Week


In our first week at school, we learned about who our class is named after – Roald Dahl.


We read ‘The Enormous Crocodile’ and our learning for the week was linked to this.  We sequenced the story, wrote a wanted poster to catch the crocodile and designed our own crocodile trap.


In Maths, we compared our heights and measured each other to find out whether the Enormous Crocodile might want to eat us! Scary, I know!  Luckily, we were safe!  Then we guessed how long the enormous crocodile might be by measuring different places that he might hide.  In one part of the story, he pretended that he was a picnic bench so we had to proceed with caution when measuring the picnic benches.



In Art, we made puppets of the characters and then acted out the story.  Then we made paper plate roly poly birds for our book corner.




Our PE day is Monday.  Please make sure that your child has the correct PE kit in school at all times.


Multiplication Challenge


To help us get ready for the whole school multiplication challenge, we are learning our number bonds to 10.


____ + 8 = 10


You can help your child in finding the different ways to make 10 by using counters, sweets or even fingers.


No Limits, Only Possibilities