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Year 1: Seuss Class

Welcome to Seuss Class


Teachers: Mrs Graaskov, Mrs Greatorex


Welcome to Seuss’ class page.


Our class is named after Theodor Seuss Geisel, an American writer and illustrator, best known for authoring popular children’s books under the pen name Dr. Seuss.


He published over 60 books during his career, which have led to numerous adaptations, including 11 television specials, four feature films, a Broadway musical and four television series.



Class Information:

PE – Our PE day is Friday. Please make sure that your child has the correct PE kit in school at all times.


Homework – Our homework is due into school on Thursday and will be given out on Friday.


Our Spelling and Multiplication Challenges take place on Friday.


How you can support your child:

Read regularly with your child ensuring that you discuss the story with them.


Help your child in finding the different ways to make 10 (or 20 if they have progressed to Silver) by using counters, sweets or even fingers for our Multiplication Challenge.



Term 4: Dinosaur Planet



Stomp, crash, RRRAGH! Watch out everyone – the dinosaurs are on the prowl!

They are rampaging across the dusty earth, swishing enormous tails and baring their fearsome teeth…

Term 4’s theme is Dinosaur Planet.  We will be learning:

English – Poetry and Stories

History – Significant people – Mary Anning

Science – Plants and Animals

D&T – Designing and making using textiles

Geography – Comparing and contrasting a small area of the UK and of a small area in a contrasting non-European country

Music – Performing music to the theme of animals

Computing – Word processing skills

PE – Football

We are also looking forward to a trip to the Natural History Museum on Thursday 2nd  March!


On our first day back at school we followed some clues to help us on our dinosaur hunt.

We eventually found a nest of dinosaur eggs in the garden!

We decided that we would bring one of the dinosaur eggs into the classroom to look after it. We thought about what we need to do to look after the egg until it hatches.


We decided that it needed a box with some soft bedding to stop it from rolling and falling on the floor and a lamp to keep it warm.


Term 3: Moon Zoom





This term our topic is ‘Moon Zoom’.


We will be learning all about space, astronauts and changes in space exploration. We will be creating our own space animations and writing space poems and stories. We will also be finding out about Van Gogh’s painting ‘Starry Night’ and trying some art of our own using different drawing techniques.


We started our topic with a visit from the Astrodome which gave us the chance to visit space and observe the solar system. We found out about the different planets and constellations in our solar system. We then trained to be astronauts and designed out own spacesuits for a visit into space.


Over the first few weeks of term we will be learning the poem ‘Five Little Men in a Flying Saucer’ and performing it with actions and expression. We will then use our knowledge of nouns and adjectives to change the poem in order to create our own versions.

5 Little Men in a Flying Saucer Sing Along Animation -

For more exciting activities and teaching resources for your little stars, visit From the popular primary resource site, comes this fun new sing along video. Perfect for singing along to in class or at home, and beautifully animated with twinkl's hand drawn images. Have fun! :o)

To celebrate the end of our Moon Zoom topic, we learnt all about space food. We watched videos of Tim Peake and Chris Hadfield to see what it is like to eat and drink in space and then tried some space ice cream! We tasted lots of different types including Cookies and Cream, Mint Choc Chip and Neopolitan.


We used our knowledge of space and thought about the flavours that we had tried in order to create our own space pudding. 

First we put 2 spoonfuls of our chosen Angel Delight flavour into our bag. Then we added 2 spoonfuls of powdered milk and chose from a selection of sprinkles, chocolate drops and marshmallows.  Next we added 2 spoonfuls of water. Finally we sealed the bag and squeezed the water and powder together to make our space pudding.


We were really pleased with our space puddings!



We then tried our space pudding – eating it just like astronauts – straight from the bag!


Term 2: Splendid Skies




This term our topic is ‘Splendid Skies’.


We will be learning all about the weather and seasonal change. We will be finding out about the weather in different countries as well as some extreme weather.


We started our topic with an autumn walk where we looked for autumnal clues as well as learning about how to assess the weather e.g. looking at wind direction, measuring rainfall data and looking at the clouds. We also had a chance to play in the park once we had completed all of our weather and season observations!

In English we have been learning about poetry linked to the weather.


We read ‘The Wind’ by Christina Rossetti and chose some actions to help us to perform it. We also tried hard to use expression as we performed our poem. What do you think of our performance?


The Wind

Still image for this video

We will be learning more about the features of poetry such as interesting adjectives and verbs, starting each line with a capital letter and remembering full stops. We will be using all of this to help us to write our own poems about the weather.

Term 1: Bounce



This term we have been looking at the topic ‘Bounce’.


During our Engage week we had a day of inflatables with lots of bouncing and we investigated bubbles: making them, blowing them, popping them and making art with them.


In science we have been investigating properties of materials and linking this to sports. We have used force meters to test the best material for the sole of a trainer and we have investigated the stretchiness of different materials to help us decide which would be best for making sportswear.


In Art we designed and decorated a ball to make a class art installation.

For the innovate stage of our Bounce topic we learnt about healthy eating and why we should exercise.


We tried yoga (which we really enjoyed doing) and tried out lots of other different activities which would make our heart beat faster.


Then we made an exercise routine as a class. We hope that you enjoy our exercise routine.

Seuss Exercise Video

Still image for this video

Dr Seuss Week


In our first week at school, we learned about who our class is named after – Dr Seuss.


We read lots of his books including ‘The Cat in the Hat’, ‘One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish’ and ‘The Lorax’ and our learning for the week was linked to this. We matched rhyming words and used adjectives to describe The Lorax and the Cat in the hat. In Maths, we played a counting game with lots of different coloured fish.



No Limits, Only Possibilities