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Garry Ratcliffe

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Accounting Officer (AO)

As I continue my role as CEO of The Galaxy Trust, I continue to be incredibly proud of our pupils and the many achievements they make on a daily basis whilst studying at our schools.

Many of you will already know that I have a very special family myself…Myself and my husband have four children – three of them with complex health and learning needs. They are an immense joy but I have to confess that our fourth child who others would call “mainstream” is the hardest work of all! We have adopted our children and so I feel I have a good understanding of issues faced by children living in care or who have been adopted, as well as children with special educational needs.

One of the benefits of being CEO of The Galaxy Trust, is that I am able to make links with other partners right across the county, and beyond. This means that I am able to learn from other professionals, taking on their ideas, and sharing them within The Galaxy Trust.

If I can achieve one thing during my time within The Galaxy Trust, it would be to instil our values of Respect, Responsibility and Equality in our staff, pupils and parents. Of course it is our role to promote high standards of learning in maths and English, as well as the wider curriculum – but it is equally important for us to ensure we are growing the best, most valuable citizens that our town, our county, our country and our world needs. By learning about Respect, Responsibility and Equality, I hope we will be making our children’s world, a much better place.

Claire Misy
Chief Operating Officer (COO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

I started my working life in the public sector in 1996 and quickly became interested in education, where I started as a finance assistant and worked my way up, leaving the Local Authority as a Senior Accountant in March 2011. During my time in the LA I was head hunted to work with Medway Council, heading up and implementing their school finance support for over 200 schools.  I worked across the whole county, consulting, auditing and advising primary, secondary, and special schools regarding their finances, systems and compliance which has given me a great deal of knowledge and experience within the Education Sector.

In March 2011, I was appointed as School Business Manager for Oakfield. I was also privileged enough to be selected on the second cohort of the CSBM (Certificate in School Business Management) and successfully passed the programme in 2013. 

In September 2016 The Galaxy Trust was established, comprising of Oakfield Primary Academy and Temple Hill Primary Academy. I was appointed as Chief Operating Officer and CFO.  The growth of The Trust has continued and I’m sure will continue.  I am proud that I am part of a Trust that holds it values at the heart of everything they do – RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY AND EQUALITY.

Danielle Egonu
Executive Headteacher

I am extremely proud to work for The Galaxy Trust as the Executive Head of Oakfield Primary Academy, Temple Hill Primary Academy and West Hill Primary Academy. I have served the Education sector for many years across Kent and London and have a great passion in making a real difference to the lives of all children. I strongly believe that all children and young people deserve the best Education and I am committed to high expectations and consistency for teaching and learning across our schools. I also believe it is important to develop children's confidence, self-esteem and resilience which will equip them with the necessary tools to overcome challenges and be ready for the next phase of their learning.


As well as being a parent to three wonderful children, I love being outdoors, spending time with my large family, travelling, coaching and being an advocate for young people.

Rajinder Kaur-Gill
Headteacher at Oakfield

Lively, enthusiastic and passionate is how I would describe myself. My name is Rajinder KaurGill and I have been teaching at Oakfield since 2008. I come from a large family of which many are also teachers. As much as I love working with children, I also enjoy watching and playing sports such as netball, cricket, volley ball and football (I am a Man U supporter) as well as travelling and socialising with family and friends. To find out more, come visit me in my classroom where you’ll see humour, happiness and hard-working children.

Leon Dawson

Head of School at Temple Hill

Positive, Passionate and Hardworking is how I would describe myself. I come from a large family with an English/Caribbean background. I love eating, exercise and seeing/doing new things in the world. I have worked with children in a variety of different settings before I became a teacher as well as doing a wide range of jobs including labouring, factory work, restaurants and cleaning. My main passion in life (other than Tottenham Hotspur!) is to improve the life chances of the children I work with.

Katy Ward
Headteacher at West Hill

I am incredibly proud to be the headteacher of our amazing school.  I have been teaching for the past twenty years and I can safely say that I learn something new everyday. For me this is the most exciting thing about education. Education has the power to change lives and this excites me! I am first and foremost a teacher and I love nothing more than being in class and spending time with the children. I am passionate about developing children’s natural curiosity and fostering their love of learning, in fun and creative ways.  

Alice Harrington

Head of School at Fleetdown

I am absolutely delighted that Fleetdown are joining the Galaxy Trust and will be part of such a caring and supportive family. I have worked at Fleetdown for eight years and started here as a class teacher. I love working in the classroom with the children and watching all our children achieve amazing successes every day at school. I am incredibly proud to work at Fleetdown and it is a privilege to watch all our children grow and develop into inquisitive, enthusiastic and passionate learners. As most of the children and staff here at Fleetdown will tell you, I love visiting my family in Wales in the holidays, eating far too much chocolate and trips to the park with my two children.  

Sarah Heaver
Deputy Headteacher

My teaching career started many years ago in 1997 in a large infant school in Gravesend. I loved working with the youngest children and felt proud to have helped so many children start their journey in education. I quickly discovered that one of the things I enjoyed the most was helping my colleagues to be the best teachers they could be and within a few years, I had been appointed as one of the first Advanced Skills Teachers supporting teachers in schools across Kent. Although I loved this role, I found myself looking for a new challenge and was delighted to be appointed as a Deputy Headteacher at Temple Hill in 2005. As the growth of The Galaxy Trust has continued, my role of Deputy Headteacher has been varied and has included working at Oakfield and West Hill as well as being appointed a Specialist Leader of Education. In my current role as a Trust Deputy Headteacher, I work with the trainee and newly qualified teachers across our schools. Supporting teachers as they start their career is incredibly rewarding; I feel so very lucky to be working with such enthusiastic and energetic teachers who want to be the very best they can be for our children.

Todd Sillett

Deputy Headteacher

‘I'm reading a book about anti-gravity. It's impossible to put down.’  This simple play on words best describes my view of modern education.  Education should be about learning from books as well as the ever increasing range of information available but it should also be fun. It should be presented to engage and it should challenge and provoke deeper thinking.  I feel very privileged to have been involved in the education of many young children of Britain since 1999.  Before this time I was living in Australia, attending University and working in a variety of jobs, including sales and services.  Growing up in Australia has made me appreciate that you can do anything you want if you only put your mind to it.  I am most inspired by the many people that don’t use excuses.  I was going to end with a chemistry joke but I knew I wouldn’t get a reaction.

Nicola Wiltshire

Deputy Headteacher  at Fleetdown

I would describe myself as passionate, pro-active and committed.  I started teaching in 2007 and worked across a range of schools: big, small, mainstream, specialist and independent.  I also have experience working with children who have profound learning and physical disabilities which has given me a greater understanding of a range of children’s needs.  Everywhere I’ve worked it was clear to me that my passion lies in helping children with special educational needs get what they need to reach their full potential.  I come from a big family so I love getting involved in the hustle and bustle of family and school life.  I strive for positive outcomes in everything I do, and at a time where the education system is in a period of change, I aim to inform, support, and motivate children, parents and teachers which I feel confident, eager and equipped to do.

Jaya Dillon

Deputy Headteacher at Temple Hill

I am really excited to be embarking on my new journey at Temple Hill Primary Academy and taking on the role of Deputy Headteacher. I would describe myself as: Passionate, Committed, Positive and Compassionate. I am originally from Mauritius, I came to England do to my PGCE in 2004 and it became my second home since. I am passionate and committed to my core values that include honesty, respect, integrity, trust and perseverance. During my spare time, I like to read, watch documentaries, practise mindfulness, listen to audible and most importantly catch up with as much sleep as I can! My pedagogical philosophy is based on practical, hands-on and enthusiastic approach to teaching and creating a learning environment that is characterized by empathy, mutual support and, above all, the inclusion of all pupils. I also believe in ‘Learning without Limits’ whereby a child works to his/her full potential and there are no limitations to what the child can do. I am a firm believer that everyone can achieve and grow if they are given the chance to do so and if they believe in themselves.

Jill Gosbee

Deputy Headteacher at Oakfield

I cannot believe that it has been 5 years since I made the journey over from Temple Hill (in 2014) to join the Oakfield team!

Since then, I have been fortunate enough to have had various roles and responsibilities – ranging from International Primary Curriculum leader, to Year 6 Leader of Learning, to Education Council teacher representative and Assistant Head for the Curriculum.

Now, I take on my biggest challenge yet – that of Deputy Headteacher!

I LOVE my job, and this school, and look forward to supporting staff and pupils in continuing to ensure that Oakfield is a dynamic, caring, inquisitive place to learn where EVERY pupil is valued and able to achieve their very best!

In my (limited!) spare time, I indulge in my favourite hobbies: going to the cinema, eating chocolate and enjoying the occasional glass of wine!

Julia McCloskey

Deputy Headteacher at Oakfield

After studying and graduating with a First Class Honours degree in St Mary's University College, Belfast, I joined Oakfield in 2014 as an NQT. I thoroughly enjoyed working in Year 4 and Year 2 as Year Group Leader and KS1 Maths leader. In 2018, I embarked on a new opportunity in a one-form entry new school, which brought with it the opportunity to train as a SENCo through Canterbury Christ Church University. Throughout my time there, I was also appointed as Deputy Headteacher. Shortly after I returned from maternity leave, I sought a familiar yet exciting and new adventure in Oakfield once more.  It is lovely to be back and to see those who I've taught in the past come back to visit and hear about their success! I have a passion for pugs (my wardrobe is full of pug scarves and dresses) and working with children with SEND. I find my job incredibly rewarding and it's amazing to see the progress and confidence grow in the children I work alongside. 

James Davies

Deputy Headteacher at Temple Hill

Hello everybody! I'm so excited to now be a part of the Temple Hill family! I've been teaching for ten years, with the past three years as part of The Galaxy Trust. The best part of teaching and education for me are the memorable moments - the experiences, conversations, events etc that stick in our children's minds and make lifelong memories. Please say hi whenever you see me around our wonderful school - I'd love to chat and get to know you all! See you soon!

Toniann Braniff 

Deputy Headteacher at Fleetdown

I joined Fleetdown in April 2019 as an Assistant Headteacher, having worked as a class teacher and Assistant Head teacher, for several years, in different schools in Maidstone. This September I became the leader of Inclusion at Fleetdown - something I am very passionate about, having been a child in receipt of Free School Meals myself - and am delighted to now be the Acting Deputy Head for Inclusion. I feel incredibly privileged to be a part of Fleetdown's journey and look forward to the road ahead.


No Limits, Only Possibilities