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House Points

House Points


House points are counted every Friday and called out in assembly.   We have a display where wooden bars represent who has won each week.  If you come 4th you get 1 bar, if you come 3rd you get 2 bars, if you come 2nd you get 3 bars, if you come 1st you get 4 bars.


Autumn Term House Points











House points will continue to be given to the children – the behaviour policy continues in the same way as last year and is detailed in the School Planner. Like the Always Assemblies we will focus on good behaviour and as such reward good behaviour. This will work hand in hand with our whole school house points system which again will reward good consistent behaviour and hard work.


House points will be given to every child. House points will be available for the following:
• When homework is completed to a good / high standard for the child’s ability level.
• When children make contributions to the school by taking part in special events.
• When children make improvements in their work either in class or their homework
• When children show the teacher a commitment to their progress and try really hard to improve in subjects.
• When children try hard and make a big effort to improve their work or homework for a lesson.
• When children contribute to lessons in a positive way by helping out by answering questions or by supporting friends to do better.
• When children do something that is outstanding and is the very best that they can do.
• When children improve their punctuality and / or attendance (over a term).
• When children represent the school at events and sporting teams.
• When children take part in after school activities, homework clubs and coursework clubs and show good manners.
• When they represent their house or school in competitions and events.
• Show good manners and are polite both in and out of school on trips, tours and events.

All members of staff can give house points (a maximum of 2 per item) with members of the Senior Leadership Team able to give a maximum of 10 for exceptional and outstanding pupils and their achievements. At the end of each term, the house with the most house points will have a non-uniform day awarded in the next term. Finally, the winning house at the end of the year will have a special treat so that with all members of the house participating. This will be decided by the children from the school council who are from this house and the teachers.


House Point Winners 2015-2016


Autumn Term Winners: Patrick

Patrick enjoyed learning Circus Skills for the day.  So much fun was had by the whole of Patrick House, they learnt to juggle, plate spin, use a floating ball, hula hoop and use the diablo.


Spring Term Winners: Andrew

Andrew enjoyed a special treat watching The Minion Movie with popcorn.


Overall House Point Winners: Patrick

Patrick enjoyed a bouncy day of inflatables!