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Yr 6 Devon Trip

Thursday Report:


Our last night here at Barton Hall ended with us all sitting around a campfire singing songs and telling stories.  This was a more preferable experience for Mr Sillett than last night as he had water balloons thrown at him.  Thanks for the idea George and Kian.  Throughout the week our PGL host Kieran has been brilliant.  He has really contributed to the entire experience.  While we are looking forward to seeing our families and friends tomorrow night we will really miss Devon.  Some amazing memories have been made by us all.   


Wednesday Report:


Our apologies for starting every report with the weather, however as it has been a little wet again we thought we would start with a detailed weather report.  WET!    Now you might think that rain is a bad thing but when you have sensory trail as an activity the wetter the better.   For those that don’t know what sensory trail is here is a short explanation:

1.        Blindfold everyone

2.        Follow a rope course through the forest

3.       Get very muddy

Other activities for some groups today included trapeze, high swing, team sports and abseiling .  Well done Charlotte and Charlie for being so brave today.

We have just finished dinner and will being doing our last activity for the evening entitled ‘SPLASH’.  Oh dear!  Good luck with the clothes washing this weekend everyone.


Tuesday Report:


What a glorious afternoon of sunshine we had for 20 minutes……  Now that the skies have cleared we can see all the way across the bay; what a stunning view.  Like yesterday, the light drizzle did not stop us from having a whole lot of fun.  Today some groups went Quad biking while others went abseiling and giant swing.  Later tonight we have sports challenges which we are all looking forward to.   Let’s hope that with all the exciting activities from today that we have an earlier night’s sleep.


Monday Report:


Well after a long day of travelling we finally made it to Barton Hall near Torquay.  The picturesque location is in the heart of the English Riviera with views to Torquay.  Our first dinner here was a choice between meatballs, vegetarian curry and rice, fish, jacket potatoes and as much salad bar as we could eat.   Our first activity was wacky races and just like the name suggests we competed in our teams in wacky relay races.  The weather has been slightly drizzly but that hasn’t stopped us from having fun.  With a good night’s sleep we are all looking forward to tomorrows fun filled day. 

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