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West Hill Primary Academy

We celebrate the past; we care about the future

Statutory Information


West Hill Primary Academy

Dartford Road



01322 226019



All enquiries should be addressed to Garry Ratcliffe (Executive Headteacher, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Accounting Officer (CAO)) or Sara White (Head of School) or via email to


If you would like a paper copy of information from our website, please ask the Main Office. Thank you.

SEN coordinator

Jane Knight

c/o West Hill Primary Academy

Dartford Road



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The Galaxy Trust

Chair of Trustees

Noel Lake

c/o The Galaxy Trust

West Hill Primary School

Dartford Road




Governance Structure


Members: The members of the trust sign off the articles of association, and have ultimate responsibility for the trust achieving its charitable objectives. They have the power to appoint and remove trustees.


The Members are:


· Pam Jones

· Noel Lake

· Simon Molony

· Philip Vander Gucht


Trustees: The board of trustees deliver the three core functions of governance in an academy trust. They must also ensure compliance with charity law and company law, and with the academy trust’s funding agreement. The board of trustees is sometimes referred to as the board of directors.


The Trustees are:


· David Taffs

· Hannah Delany

· Juli Dosad

· Vicki Dennis

· Adrian Denny

· Ayotola Tiamiyu

· Tom Wheelan

· Brandon Bailey

· Noel Lake – Chair of Trustees

· Garry Ratcliffe – Executive Headteacher, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Accounting Officer (CAO)

· Vicki Stretton – Vice Chair of Trustees


Local Governing Boards: In multi-academy trusts (MATs), the board of trustees can delegate governance functions to local governing bodies. Local governing bodies may govern one academy in the MAT, or they govern a group of academies. At the Galaxy Trust, the local governing bodies govern through one committee - the Teaching and Learning Committee.


The Governors are:


                  · Sara White

· Hannah Delany

· Todd Sillett

· Suzi Morgan