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West Hill Primary Academy

We celebrate the past; we care about the future


Welcome to Reception!

Reception Staff

Reception Staff 1 Helen Vincent - Teacher
Reception Staff 2 Pennie Hills - Teacher
Reception Staff 3 Maddie Tunnicliffe - Teacher
Reception Staff 4 Emma Langridge - Associate Teacher
Reception Staff 5 Aislinn Mills - Associate Teacher

Term 2

Thank you for attending the parent meetings on Wednesday 8th November. As mentioned we will be running two RWI (phonic) parent sessions; Wednesday 29th November at 6pm and Thursday 30th November at 9am. Please let class teachers know which session you intend to attend so that we have a rough idea of numbers. Many thanks.

Term 2 will be very busy as we begin the count down to Christmas! We will continue learning sounds and use them to write labels, captions and sentences. In our magic maths sessions we will be looking at patterns. We will talk about different types of pattern such as polka dot and zigzag, as well as those made with shapes and objects. We will make repeating patterns with two or three colours or shapes. We will look for patterns in the environment. Please talk to your child about the patterns they see around them.

We will continue to follow children's interests and our activities will be led by them. Please let us know if there is something specific your child enjoys so we can include it in our planning and use it to extend your child's knowledge. We look forward to an exciting term!

Meet the achievosaurs!

In reception we are using the achievosuars to talk about our learning. Each achievosaur relates to a characteristic of effective learning. These are ‘playing and exploring’, ‘active learning’ and ‘creative and thinking critically’. They detail the ways in which children should be learning from their environment, experiences and activities. Your children may come home and say they have been like a ‘sharadactyl’ or a ‘triatops’ today, so we would like to introduce you to the achievosaurs!


  • Explorasor: Exploring ideas and resources
  • Stickasaurus: Sticking to a task
  • Shareadactyl: Sharing ideas and resources
  • Tryatops: Trying their best
  • Askaraptor: Asking questions
  • Solveosaurus rex: Working to solve problems
  • Thinkadon: Thinking carefully about tasks